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Larger scale

Eleven subsidiaries - large R & D and production bases

Suzhou Islet Textile Technology Co., LTD., founded in 2011, is an enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of fabric products. The company mainly engaged in: down jacket fabric, outdoor leisure fabric, sunscreen quick-dry fabric and 228T nylon Taslan, high elastic fabric, wrinkle nylon and other spot items. Wujiang Chunyuan Textile Co., LTD., Henan Islet Weaving Co., LTD and other supporting enterprises.

Production Equipment

Full set of production processes and strong processing capacity

Our company now has 350 employees, including several experienced professional engineering technicians in various fields of textile. The production capacities for chemical fiber factory and weaving factory are around 12,000 tons and 45 million meters respectively, the trade department has an annual export about 32 million meters, and the total annual value of production for our company is about 810 million yuan. We has an obvious advantage of scale, with the complete industry chain and high efficient R&D ability, a solid foundation has been laid for the stabilization of production speed and quality.

Product Control

High quality, fashionable and environment-friendly fabrics

islettextile has many experienced textile engineering technicians who are mainly focus on technical research and product development, integrated manufacturing processes from chemical fiber processing to finished products. We can guarantee that the required solutions of new products can be provided for our clients in time. Senior project managers will lead every new project from the beginning to the mass production phase, they will optimize the scheme continuously based on clients’ requests to ensure the stabilization of project

Higher accuracy

Complete precision testing equipment

Not only the experienced management and process control teams introduced above, Jinhao but also has a complete set of testing machines to ensure our products’ quality can meet the clients requirements from every aspects. These testers include DATACOLOR 800 readout instrument, washing color fastness tester, programmable constant temperature and humidity chamber, automatic shrinkage ratio tester, electronic fabric strength test machine, fabric hydrostatic pressure tester, waterproof tester, fabric pH tester, digital tear tester, dry and wet fabric grinding color fasteness tester, Martindale wear tester and etc.

Company Structure
Production Capacity
Quality Control System
Inspection Machine